Today we started shooting our Red Balloon video. There were a few setbacks, but these things happen. We originally wanted to record in front of the Hoi Poi Event Center. We were all set up and ready to go when security came out and informed us of their No Mimes Policy. Seriously? Gave us some crap about tarnishing their image and how the event center was only for “serious acts”. We plan on filing a discrimination complaint with City Hall.

We moved everything across the street to the Starlight Shores Art Gallery. I am not sure how anyone knows it’s an art gallery. It’s a rather nondescript building with no sign or anything else marking it as an art gallery. People are going to wonder what we are playing in front of. It could be anything really. This video is not going to make sense to anyone, I swear. We might as well be playing in the middle of the desert. Hey…that might be an idea. I will have to ask Calico and Guy what they think of the idea. We could change the idea up a bit and do this mimes of the old west thing. I wonder when balloons were invented…

The Social Bunnies United charity has asked us to perform at their next fund raiser. We are always willing to help out the community and agreed to do it. This should be an interesting experience as none of us are sure what the point of this charity is.

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Frantic T. Spider

Hello, my name is claude, and I was recently inspired by your simblr and your blog to make a mime of my own, if you could check it out on my simblr and perhaps give a critique or some suggestions I would be very interested to hear what you have to say about him. His name is Perry.

Hi Claude. 

I am actually kind of speechless. I am not used to my weird ideas inspiring anyone outside of the very small handful of people that actually encourage them (they know better, but they do it anyway). I’m kind of blown away that I inspired someone outside of the usual suspects. <3

Perry is awesome! I hope you plan to do something with him :) We need more mimes.


Today was a rough day and I am glad it’s over. I am probably going to need years of therapy, beyond Mime Support, to deal with this. The next time anyone makes such a suggestion I am going to have to make sure Marco is around to threaten them for me.

Since Cacophony has become well known enough I was approached by a well known publishing company to write my biography. I really wasn’t sure about it but I talked to Newt Davies of Toxic Dream about it. Granted, his bio is unauthorized, but he told me it provided a lot of positive publicity for Toxic Dream. His advice, “It can’t hurt.” We don’t exactly have a manager, an agent or “people” so I had to consult with who I know for opinions and advice. Our counselor at Mime Support thought that it would be good therapy, writing about my life and the events that led to the Invisible Box Incident.

What could it hurt?

Even though I have just started writing it (the introduction is done, attached) they publisher wanted to get the cover out of the way. This meant I had to climb inside a glass box and mime being stuck while it shrinks with me in it. This is the same “stunt” that ended with me in the hospital and then in group therapy, only this time it was worse, as I was “trapped” in a real glass box. Not sure how I managed it but I got through the photo shoot suffering only an anxiety attack. I didn’t suffocate and pass out, so I see this as a small step in the right direction. However, whoever thought of this idea for the book cover needs beaten. With a very large stick. Just looking at the cover (attached) makes me nauseous and threatens to send me into relapse.  

Remember how I met Maria from Neon Tarantula? I got up the courage and asked her to accompany me to the SIFF award ceremony. She agreed. Hopefully we don’t do embarrassingly bad. I mean, what if she is only interested because I’m in a band? I understand there are girls out there like that…and she is in a band…

Things were so much less complicated when we were all just mimes.

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Frantic T. Spider

Band tickets are available now. Get yours!




Well now, that was an interesting book to say the very least. I don’t think I have ever read a political mystery before and I have to say that I am quite pleased. Mostly. The book was very well written (unlike one rather popular “vampire romance” book series that has been turned into movies, as if one form of “artistic torture” wasn’t enough). I really didn’t expect the plot twist at the end. It’s a good thing when a book doesn’t turn out how you expect because it means it’s not predictable. Predictable is fine when we are talking about Disney-esque romance type stories where you want the girl and guy to end up together in the end, and expect them to. When it comes to a some sort of mystery, well, non-predictable is the best. At least I think so.


The plot of the book was original. Originality is something lacking today in the world of remakes and reboots. It’s good to know that there are some people out there who still have an original idea. How many people are going to come up with the idea of a mime running for president? What about the idea of someone wanting to kill a mime running for president? It’s brilliant, and as a mime I should be upset at the idea that someone would write a book about wanting to kill a mime. Still, the book is brilliant and original and witty and filled with bagel analogies.


This is the story of one Brad Templeson. Did I spell his last name properly? No matter, he wants to be called The Mime and not Brad Whatever-his-last-name-is because he has lost grips with reality. Believe me, Brad could benefit from Mime Support, but that’s neither here nor there. It all started out benign enough in college when he decided he was going to be a mime on a whim after a discussion with his film class friends. This group of friends went on to work together, providing sound and light and props for Brad as he became a mime, helping him perfect his craft. Making sure he looked good. They stayed with him as they became employed, as a team to promote a major diet soda company who then, in turn, fronted his campaign as president.


It was on this journey that he lost sight of things, became self-absorbed in the art (something we have all done), which became him undoing. It was this downward spiral that suddenly put all of his friends, his wife, the corporation bigwigs at the diet soda company, and the members of his political staff on the Secret Service watch list of people who wanted him dead. Then there were the various members of the lunatic fringe in the general populace that wanted him dead because of his ideas, or lack of ideas.


That was Brad’s thing. He mimed every one of his speeches. He never spoke to the public and they were free to interpret what he was saying how they wanted, because art is open to interpretation. Everyone thought he stood for something different, that he stood for what they wanted. The reality was, The Mime stood for nothing other than putting on a good show for people, getting a response from people, good or bad. He was the John Cena of the political arena. He welcomed the good and the bad just as long as he was getting a rise from people. “All the world’s a stage” were words he took seriously.


It was no surprise, really, that people wanted him dead and it had everything and nothing to do with him being a mime.


I really did love this book. However, I do worry that anyone reading it will think that all mimes are as crazy as Brad, AKA The Mime, and that we have lost all touch with reality. We are not crazy, well, not most of us. Not the dangerous kind of crazy, anyway. I don’t like that it may paint mimes in a bad light. That one bad apple ruining the bunch thing. People taking the written word too seriously. That sort of thing. It happens. I still highly recommend the book.


Until next time…

Frantic T. Spider


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